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Magic: The Gathering, The Opinion of an Experenced Player: his opinion, links, web ring
Chipmunkers Ultimate Magic Page: pathertic, stupid, but a friends site
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Magic Compendium at Black Douglas: description of any card in Magic
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Nuetral Ground: A Magic card dealer
J&M Enterprises: a good magic dealer
Two_ton_tony's Magic : The Gathering Page: good friend,text, and oppinoins ofthe game.
My Magic Combos Page: magic combos
Trading Post: trade and buy here
Quick Magic Refrences: Refrences

Magic:   The   Basics

Magic: the gathering is a fantasy card game that takes strategy , skill , and luck to master. You play as either the forces of nature , the forces of death and unholyiness , the masters of illusion and trickery, the warlord of chaos and destruction , and the good and holy ones. The main object of the game is to obbliterate your opponents whith spells and your creatures. This game is real money drainer but it's most definitley worth it in my oppinion. Your deck of cards should contain around 60 cards in each deck. If you have never played before or are just learning how to play magic: the gathering I highly suggest you buy a portal pre-constructed deck to get you started. When i started playing magic I played as red because of the easy to use goblins red (one of the forces in the game) holds for you. WELL STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND GO GET SOME MAGIC CARDS!!!!!!

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