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Trading   Post

These are the cards I whant. I will trade or buy for the following cards: 1.Vesuvian Doppleganger 2.All Duel Lands 3.Royal Assassin 4.Goblin King 5.Goblin General 6.Saphire Medallion 7.Clones 8.Volcanic Dragons 9.Bounty Hunter 10.Sol Ring 11.Mox Diamond 12.Mirri Cat Warrior 13.Sliver Queen 14.Crystaline Sliver 15.Icy Manipulater 16.Magmasaur 17.Mijae Djinn 18.Ball Lighting E-MAIL ME AT : JER678@AOL.COM 19.Diamond Valley 20.Ice Floe If youhave any ofthese cards e-mail me. 21.goblin bomb 22demonic hordes 23,all moxes lotus If you have any of these cards e-mail me. .


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