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Here are some good combos used by experienced magic players.Be sure to see my main page down at the link. 1.(Lure and Thicket Basilik)-These two cards make a killer combo. Whith the lure enchanted on your thicket you can attack and all opponents creatures able to block haft to , and thickets ability is all creatures blocking it are destroyed. So whith that combo you can elliminate all your oppenents creatures. 2.(channel and fireball) This combo is only good if you have more than 20 hp. Channel turns your life into mana untill the end of you turnand fireball is the cost of one mountain and "x" and x equals damage depending on how much mana you tap. so for a mountain and two forests you can do 20 damage and kill some one beacause of channel which turns your life into mana till end of turn. Pretty cool huh? 3.(phantasmal terrain and land walkers) phantasmal turns a land into a color of your choice. So for instance get a creature whith landwalking ability of a color and make an oppenents land that color whith phantasmal terrain so he is unblockable.

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